Mansi Padechia is a very well known dietician & diabetic educator from South Mumbai. She wanted to increase her online visibility & drive more footfall to her centre.

To do so, we saw an opportunity to execute a campaign which would speak the language that would resonate with her audience and deliver maximum retention.

The idea was to leverage the occasion of New Year as people are generally self-motivated to lose weight during the beginning of the year

Catching the pulse of the audience & playing it smart, we shaped this campaign as #NewReSolution

This was portrayed in such a manner that taking resolution is not the only solution, sticking to them is a challenge and with Mansi, one can find a ReSolution to do so.

Series of witty GIFs & creatives were created with messages such as ‘Bunk the Junk this 2018’, ‘This New Year, New You’, ‘Lets stretch to a fitter 2018’ etc.

The campaign was responsible for reaching 17170+ new people & generated 2500+ engagement across all digital platforms.