About Us

It takes a genius to know a genius

Who we are

We are a full-service agency specializing in digital marketing and we offer end-to-end marketing services to our clients. We provide data-driven analytical solutions with a creative and strategic outlook.

Our obsession with quality and commitment to excellence enables us to provide you with the best digital hacks for your marketing goals. Our technological know-how and creative insights help us deliver campaigns that not only tell a story but also achieve your brand's digital marketing objectives.

We ensure what your brand stands for is communicated in everything that we do for you.


To be one of India's best digital marketing company and to partner with the most disruptive brands out there.

We innovate, we execute, we analyse, we perfect and we start over until all your marketing goals are reached.

Message from the CEO

Imagine a group of like-minded individuals who believe that perfection, hustle, resilience, and fun are the four pillars of getting work done. Wouldn't that be a place of wonder and awe? Well, that’s what we at WebShakers stand for.

An organization of proactive individuals working in symphony to deliver excellence in everything we do. We believe in nothing more than believing in ourselves.

WebShakers is a lab where analytics and creativity blend together to produce top-notch marketing strategies for your organization.



"Carpe Diem", a Latin aphorism that translates to "seize the day", this is what our team at WebShakers believe in. Every individual at WebShakers is self-motivated and loves taking up challenges. Challenges that keeps them on their toes and at the edge of their seats, and the only thing they love more than this is seeing it through till the end.

Our team comprises of young and talented individuals with industry knowledge and more importantly a sense of how a business can meet its objectives. Our members seek knowledge and deliver results in every piece of work they do. This go-getter attitude is what we seek in every individual we take on board with us and believe us this habit is contagious.

Andy and Witty

If you think your team looks good, have a look at our cuties.

Together, Andy and Witty are nothing less than a fun-filled Bollywood Jodi but they also have a killer style that not only gives you the best of Analytics and Creativity but also makes you smile.

While Andy is a nerd who loves numbers and graphs. Witty is the one who'll make you go ga-ga with her art of storytelling and creative ideas.

Our Culture

WebShakers promotes a culture that goes beyond a typical workplace. In our journey to become India's best digital marketing company, we make sure that we don't forget our core values and work culture.

Every member of the WebShakers family not only learn and grow along with the company but also has the liberty to express themselves and share their opinion irrespective of their experience or education.

As an organization, we ensure equal growth opportunities for every member. We work on what we call a "Buddy System", a system where experienced member guides and trains the newbie to ensure a better understanding of the work, and enables a person to stay ahead of their learning curve.

We also believe in giving back to the world and that is why we have tied up with a couple of Non-Government Agencies to ensure that we are shaping someone's future and are a reason for someone's smile.