Marshalls Wallcoverings is a manufacturer, dealer, distributor and supplier of aesthetic and vibrant looking wallpapers. India’s No.1 and a 40-year-old brand is most trustworthy and known to provide odourless, washable, colourfast, durable and long-lasting wallcoverings to beautify your home walls with classy & beautiful designs.

A digital lead generation campaign with a soulful communication which connects with the brand's target audience was executed by us.

We began by conducting thorough research of the analytical consumer data to understand the correct demographics & customer traits.

Then was the time to device a sellable campaign by leveraging the new year. With our research, we understood that people start their new year with fresh beginnings and excitement, hence we portrayed the idea of ‘New Year, New Walls’ which took off successfully during the time frame of Dec 2018 - Jan 2019.

As a result, the campaign gathered over 200 enquiries in a short duration of 2 months.

The overall CTR was as high as 2.67% during this campaign, which attributed to mass awareness and engagement on all their digital platforms.